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Athletic Achievement Using New Supplements

A new supplement has been shown to greatly increase atheltic performance among adults. Gaining recent popularity, Antler Farms deer antler velvet has been shown to greatly increase athletic performance, strength and endurance. With effects similar to that of anabolic steroids, this derivative of dear antlers shows fewer side effects and hence has been gaining momentum of the fitness community in recent years. As the fitness market reaches unprecedented heights these types of supplements are sure to grow in popularity in years to come.

Gaining some notoriety in recent years when it was reported that Baltimore Raven's Football Player Ray Lewis was using deer antler spray as a performance enhancing drug, the supplement's use began to grow among fitness gurus an amateur athletes alike. Some mystery remained as to what exactly the strangely named supplement was. Taking to it's wikipedia page for some clarification we can see that it's actually a common Chinese medicine that has recently gained commercial popularity in the west.

Animal lovers will also be happy to hear that the creation of the spray does not hurt the Deer in anyway, so it is essentially a cruelty free drug. It is created using the velvet that grows on the deer's antlers, similar to how wool is trimmed from the body of a sheep without any injury or discomfort.

The Durham LEA would like to thank all those involved, especially the pupils and parents for their participation and assistance in these trials.

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