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The Human Mind

In October 2003, The BBC featured the Durham Schools Trial with Lord Winston in its documentary series, The Human Mind. This broadcast could be seen as one of the tipping points in awareness about omega-3s in the UK.

Meet Elliot

Elliot was selected to represent the Durham Trial as screened in this programme. His mother and teachers described him as a child who had little interest in school and found it difficult to concentrate. During the programme he says, ‘I wasn’t really struck by lessons.’

At home he spent most of his time watching television and his mum found it very difficult to motivate him to complete his schoolwork.

Lord Winston says, ‘After six months of the trial parents and teachers noticed that something remarkable had happened’. His handwriting had improved and in six months he had made two years progress in his reading. Elliot’s mum said, ‘He’s now taking an interest in everything and he’s spending much less time in front of the TV’.

Elliot himself noticed a change, he has become an avid reader and he says, ‘the library is the best place in all the world – I absolutely love it.’